Library Regulations

Library Regulations

  1. Library users could leave belongings in the locker room at the entrance area.
  2. Use the library card to enter the Library.
  3. Smoking is not permitted in the Library building.
  4. Consumption of food and drinks is not permitted in the Library, except for the reading area (common room) on 1st floor.
  5. Silence must be observed in the Library. (Complete Silence shall be observed in the reading area on the 5th floor – Research zone).
  6. Reservation of seats is not permitted. Books and other belongings left for a long period of time on chairs and tables may be removed by the library staff.
  7. Library materials shall not be removed from a library building (2ndfloor) until a loan has been appropriately transacted.
  8. Power supply is to be used with library laptop only.
  9. On leaving the Library, all users are required to be inspected all books and items taken out of the Library.
  10. The Library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave if he is found to be violating any of the Library rules.

General Circulation Policies

  1. Only students, staff of Burapha University and other library members can borrow Library materials.
  2. Burapha University identification cards serve as library cards. The privilege of borrowing is a personal one and may not be transferred.
  3. No books or library materials may be brought out of the Library until the loan has been recorded. Unauthorised removal of library materials is regarded as a very serious offence.
  4. Prompt and safe return is the personal responsibility of the individual to whom it is loaned. The fine rate for return the materials overdue is 5 baht/item/day. All borrowers must settle any overdue loans before they are permitted to borrow again.
  5. Any item may be recalled at any time for reserve desk use or after one week if someone else has asked to use it.
  6. The borrower will be held responsibility for any damage or loss incurred while borrowed material is in his/her possession. If the material is damaged or lost, an immediate report should be made to the library staff to enable appropriate action to be taken. The borrower is allowed to either replace the book lost or damaged by purchasing it himself or requesting the Library to replace it, in this case the total price of material plus 150 baht per item will be charged. All books replaced must be of the latest edition.

Cyberspace rules

  1. Do not use the computers for playing games.
  2. Do not install or uninstall any program or service in any computer.
  3. If any device of the computer is not working, do not fix it, kindly report to the staff in charge.

Apply for Membership

To apply for library membership the following documents should be submitted to a library staff at the circulation desk.

Students: BUU student ID card.

Academic and Non-Academic Staff:

  • One one-inch photograph.
  • University ID card or a letter of recommendation from the Dean or Director of the faculties.

Loan Period (Books & Theses)

Materials Materials No. of Item Loan Period Overdue Fine
General Books & Theses Undergraduate Students 10 1 week 5 Baht/day/item
Graduate Students 20
Ph.D Students 20
Academic Support Staff 10
Other Staff 10
External Members 4
Faculty 20 1 month
Reserved Books All Members 1

1 night (Borrow after 3:00 pm.
and returnon next day
before 9:00 am.)

5 Baht/hour/item


Loan Period (AV/Electronic Media)

Member Materials No. of Item Loan Period Overdue Fine
Faculty/Staff/Students Films 3 7 days 5 Baht/day/item
Filmloops 3
Filmstrips 3
Slides 3
Video Cassettes 3
CD-Rom 3

Microfilm & Microfiche: Use only in the Library

Self-renew: The borrower can renew checked out materials by himself via BUU Web OPAC at Patron system. The renew process can be done only 1 time within the due date.