Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. How can I access fulltext database from off-campus?

Off-campus access to all Library-subscribed online resources is possible through Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is available on Windows XP/7/8 , MacOS ,iPhone, iPad , Android.

How to use VPN

2. How do I renew books?

Renew process can be done online for only one time. Please follow these steps.
1. Go to and click  or 

2. Click “Patron” and log in with your student/staff id.

3. Click “Borrowing Transaction”
4. Click “Renew”
5. Check box(s) to select item(s) Then click a “Renew” button.
6. If you would like to renew all of your items, please check the box above the list.
7. The return date of your selected item(s) will be updated automatically.
8. After you are done, click “Log off”

** the renew process cannot be done once a hold has been placed on it.

For more details, please visit the library website

3. Do the Library close on weekends?

On our Library Hours page, you can see the Library opening hours.

4. How do I place a hold on a book?

You may place a hold on any item that is currently on loan.
1. Go to Click click  or 
2. Search for the item you want. Check the box to select an item.

3. Click “Patron” and log in with your student/staff id.

4. Click “Reservation Information”
5. Click “Make Reservation”
6. Check box(s) to select item(s)
7. To see if your reservation was made, click “Reservation Status”
8. After you have placed a hold on book(s), you are recommended to often check “Message” box.
9. You will be notified by message if the item has arrived and you have to receive your item on the date and time specified in the message.

**You may place a hold on any item whose copies are currently on loan.
**If you do not come to pick up the item, it will be shelved.

5. How can I borrow an item that is not owned by BUU Library?

Interlibrary loan can be done by

  1. Contact staff at the Reference Desk to make a request.
  2. For more details, click this Link.