About US


Burapha University Library is an academic promotion agency of the university served as the information service center for education, search and research. It was developed from the reading room which opened for the first time on July 8, 1955 using room 203 in the building of Bangsaen Educational College. In 1956, the library moved to the administration building using a room on the ground floor of the building until 1960. After that, the new building has been completed. The library moved again to the hall on the ground floor of the building. Until 1973, the library building has been established with two-storey building and opened on August 14, 2516.

When Bangsaen Educational College was respectively upgraded to Srinakarinwirot University and Burapha University, the library obtained the budget to establish the new 7th floors library building in the budget year of 1993-1996. The library has 11.500 square-meter spaces and has been named “Princess Sirindhorn Building” by her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and officially opened on December 16, 1995


The library is the source of knowledge for development of society


To deliver excellent information services with convenience, speed, accuracy, creditability and service mind


To provide excellent information services with quality staff and modern technology at an international standard


  1. To organize the library to be academic center in the form of information service center, as well as educational technology and information technology centers for supporting and developing the quality of teaching, studying and researching of students, lecturers and other university staffs.

  2. To develop the library to become perfectly electronic and digital library

  3. To promote the usage of information resources joined in the university departments by improving Burapha University Library Network

  4.  To promote and support the library staffs to produce the researches for developing the library’s operation and service.


  1. To support the university academy to achieve 4 main missions: teaching, research, academic service for community and art & culture maintaining.
  2. To provide and serve all forms of information resources for the user’s requirement
  3. To organize the information resources system that the users can access easily, quickly, correctly and straightly to the user’s requirement by using new technology
  4. To support long-life learning of the community


The library mainly supports teaching and research of the university by providing, storing, arranging, maintaining and serving in every forms of the academic information, as well as developing electronic and digital library systems. The library provides educational technology and information technology which are modern, efficient and standard. It also can link the operation and service with the library network in both inside and outside of the university as well as in the national and international levels by focusing on the highest efficient service with convenience, rapidity and awareness of good service.