Cataloging Department


Cataloging Department is responsible for the users to access quickly, correctly, modernly and straightly on demands by conducting the information technology and other methods used in the process of bibliographic database creation and audiovisual in both Thai and Foreign languages.

1. Book and Database Inspection

  • To receive the books from acquisition department and bring the books to examine the lists in the database system of the library. If the item has existed, cataloging department will proceed by adding the item in the database.
  • To bring the book which is not available on the database system examine to the internet.
  • The item which is not available in the library system, it will be brought to the librarians for analyzing the categories.

2. The Creation and Controlling of the Books and Audiovisuals Bibliographic Databases

  • Determination of the books and audiovisuals bibliographic database structure
  • To design the screen of the books and audiovisuals bibliographic database
  • Taking care of the books and audiovisuals bibliographic database system

3. Information Recording

To record the bibliography of the books, theses and audiovisual such as author, book title, location, publisher, publication year, subject and other information according to the standard format of the US MARC and put into the book bibliographic database system called Magic Library

4. Data Analysis

  • To analyze the content of each book and match the call number to the content together with define the subject by using the manual. 
  • Put the bibliography and define the subject of audiovisual. 

5. Books and Audiovisual Preparation

  • To type spine, print spine according to the call number.
  • To check the accuracy of the book and spine.
  • To type the new books according to the invoice of the lecturers. 
  • To bring the book to the information service department for giving service.

Book and Audiovisual Express service

Cataloging Department serves the new books and audiovisuals which is waiting for analyzing the categories with both Thai and Foreign book and audiovisual. In each budget year, the users can search from Web OPAC of the library and fill in the request form at 2nd floor or via e-form in the library website as follows:

  • Searching from Web OPAC according to the author, title, or subject
  • Note the number of books from the remark for example,
    BTO 802, author, book title, year
    – Give the form to the staff at the circulation on 2nd floor or via e-form from the website
    – Waiting for the book within a day or three hours in the cast of borrowing the book.
    – When you finish using, please return to the circulation.
    – The users can contact and ask the details at
    – Circulation Service call 2476
    – Cataloging Department call 2463, 2481, 2478

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