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Foreign Journal

It is Foreign Journal that Burapha University Library has a subscription on online and in print format for the year 2017 of 97 journal lists.

Thai Journal

It is Thai Journal that Burapha University Library has a subscription and receives from various organizations has 285 journal lists.


TCI collects the journal lists which is assessed the quality in the first and second groups.


Thai Journals Online = ThaiJo is a central electronic journal database of Thailand. It collects academic journals in every filed which has been produced in Thailand including Science, Technology, and Humanities and Social Sciences.


DOAJ is an e-database that you can access without any cost. It collects more than 9,000 OA journal lists including Social Science and Health Science.

Journal Link

The e-database includes journals in Thailand which came from 193 interlibrary cooperation around Thailand. The users can access both Thai and Foreign journals comfortably, modernly, quickly. Moreover, it can link to the online journal.


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