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               Burapha University Library is an academic promotion agency of the university acting as an information service center for education and research. It was developed from the reading room which opened for the first time on July 8, 1955 using room number 203 in the classroom building of Bangsaen Educational College. Later In 1956, the library was moved to the administrative building by using a room on the ground floor of the building until 1960. After that, the new building has been completed. The library was relocated again to the hall on the ground floor of the building. Until 1973, the college had a budget to build a separate library with two-storey building and was opened on August 14, 1973.
               When Bangsaen Educational College was respectively upgraded to Srinakarinwirot University, Bangsaen Campus and Burapha University. In the fiscal year of 1993-1996, the library obtained the budget to establish the new 7-storey library building. The library has 11,500 square-meter spaces and has been named “Princess Sirindhorn Building” by her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and officially opened on December 16, 1995 and in 2014, a 3-storey building was built to connect to the original building which has a total service area of 13,900 square meters.


The library is a learning resource for social development.


A step towards excellence in information services together with committed to providing services with convenience, speed, accuracy, reliability and friendliness.


Digital library to create a lifelong learning society


  1. To support the university in education, research, creation and development of knowledge and technology, provide academic services, uphold religions, arts, cultures and sports together with support state and local activities and participate in community and environmental development
  2. To support the university’s strategy, research work publishing, graduate students’ competence and excellence center development.
  3. To provide and serve all of information resources covering all fields that offer at the university.
  4. To organize information resources system so that users can access it easily, quickly, accurately, and meet their needs using modern technology.
  5. To support a knowledge-based society of the university community and society.



  • S  –  Services 
  • M –  Modernization
  • A  –  Achievement 
  • R  –  Reinvent 
  • T  –  Technology 


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